A Higher Level of Training, Relationships & Accountability

BOLD+ is a community of purpose-driven men
focused on improving in mind, body & legacy so that we can
better serve our family, workplace & community.

BOLD+ is NOT for everyone.

Applicants must meet minimum standards:


most members are making multiple 6 figures per year

ZERO “SLEEZE” POLICY - this isn’t your 

old boys club of internet marketers, hard sellers, and scammy copywriters. We don’t allow it, and they aren’t even considered.
CREATE MAINSTREAM BRANDS WITH HIGH INTEGRITY - we look for people who want to build long term businesses, and not “get rich quick” money making programs.
COMMUNITY FOCUSED - we look for individuals who want to build powerful communities and make an impact with their audience
ACTION TAKERS - those committed to the goals they set, and stay accountable to making them happen.
GIVING ATTITUDES - those who give more than they take, and want to support others as they know helping others achieve their goals will ultimately support in achieving their own.

If you are looking to multiply your income while also becoming a better leader then BOLD+ is exactly what you are looking for.

If you don’t meet this criteria, then do not apply below for this mastermind as it’s not the right fit for you yet.

I'm constantly asked to offer one on one coaching and consulting for men looking to scale, grow, and build their businesses.  I've even taken a few on...

But I turn down many more. Not because I hate money, or because I don't want to see other men succeed. Just the opposite...

I know that if I only help 1 person at a time, the number of lives I can affect tremendous change in will always be limited. And that's not the vision and goal I have for my life, my business, and my legacy. 

Not to mention that I am just one man... I am far from all-knowing. A huge part of my success has been building relationships with experts in different fields and leveraging their talent to compensate for my lack of knowledge on a topic.

Being a One man coaching program just never seemed to be what I felt was best for me, my business, and the men I try to serve...

But that has all changed with...

BOLD+ Is Not Your Daddy's Mastermind...

BOLD+ is not a "gooroo fest," but the coaches you have direct access to charge 10's of thousands of dollars to speak and have been touted as far more than the cliche "guru."

BOLD+ is not a mere group, but you will meet and build relationships with some of the most ambitious, like minded men in your industry and around the country.

BOLD+ is not some inspiration laden pep talk, but you will leave every coaching session with enough energy to run through a wall...

BOLD+ is not 1 on 1, but you will get more attention than most "life coaches" can give in 3 months.

Here's What You Can Count On With BOLD+:

Instant ROI

As soon as you enter BOLD+, you're going to schedule our exclusive iROI call with Hunter Ballew himself, where you're going to narrow down exactly where in your business you need to focus. You'll come away with extreme clarity on where you're going, how you're getting there, and where you're headed next... Everything from how to utilize the different coaches within BOLD+ to daily/weekly/monthly actionable steps to keep you moving towards your goals. 

Succeeding with Peers, not Competitors

When was the last time you were in a group of high powered, motivated men who had the exact same goals, experiences, and struggles as you? What if you could have that and be able to brainstorm, collaborate, and come up with solutions without having to worry about your competition having an inside leg-up on you? That's exactly what you'll get inside BOLD+ group, a years worth of hive-mind strategy, problem solving, motivation, and more!

Amazing Coaching:

I don't even know what to say here. If you wanted to get access to just one of the coaches in BOLD+, you'd have to fork over a pallet worth of cash... in BOLD+, you get access to over NINE of them... 

Guaranteed Action:

If you're looking for the kind of group where you get tons of actionable teaching, coaching, and advice and no one follows up to make sure you put it into practice, let me just save you a bunch of time and point you to the exit right now...

BOLD+ is going to make you a little uncomfortable. It's going to help you come up with strategies, actions, plans, and more... but the members and coaches are also going to hold your feet to the fire and make sure you DO THEM. 

BOLD+ is for men who Dream and DO... One is only worth so much without the other. 

If this sounds like you're our kind of man, apply today!
What most people need is the right coach, accountability from a group of high level performers who they trust, and the tools and proven information that will get them to the goal they desire.

BOLD+ Is Full of Men From All Industries and Levels of Business...

Some do multiple 8 figures per year, but are still stuck working IN their business, and have the same limited free time as when they started. Others are just breaking through 7 figures, and looking to systematize their business so that they can break through to the next level.

Because what gets you out of Egypt isn't the same thing that gets you into the promised land...

Still others feel like they have specific steps they are stuck on, whether it is finding an audience to buy, closing more deals, or building a business that doesn't fall apart if they take an afternoon to watch their kid's little league game. 

Most BOLD+ members want to:

Get true clarity in their business


LEARN HOW TO GROW their business, not their hours

CONNECT WITH SOME OF THE MOST passionate, driven, and successful men IN THE WORLD

And much more!

If you feel like you're ready to take the next step with your business AND your legacy, then make sure and apply TODAY because we are limiting membership to maintain the best results and experience for members and spaces will go fast!

What else can you expect from this mastermind?

Coaching WITH Top Business Leaders SHARING THEIR SECRETS


No slouching allowed! members and coaches keep you accountable


A real "COMMUNITY" OF like minded, passionate, and purpose driven men TO PARTNER WITH AND CONNECT ON VARIOUS PROJECTS


They say, "There are no shortcuts."

I call BS.

BOLD+ allows you to bypass mistakes by learning from industry experts that will save you thousands of hours & hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That is a shortcut.

BOLD+ Membership includes access to Q&A Trainings 
with the biggest names

“The experience I've obtained on this will not only double my income, I could see it tripling my income by next year.”

“It helped me break through barriers to take the next steps that I know are needed.”

“It's helped me to be more confident being around like-minded individuals, encouraging me & building me up!”

What's the catch?

I knew you were wondering... here it is:

We truly do limit membership. Not only to keep the quality of membership of, but to ensure that BOLD+ is a place where strong, meaningful relationships can flourish. 

You just can't get that unless you limit group size. Spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis, so fill out your own application below before we have to close down applications for the entire year!

Your Mastermind Coach:

Hunter Ballew

HUNTER BALLEW is perhaps best described as a force of nature. He is a marine, a roofer, an entrepreneur, a high performance business coach, and a legacy builder. A former Marine, he never let his circumstances define his destiny, whether it was navigating a difficult homelife or teaching himself business, marketing, and leadership on the fly while building multiple 7 figure business. His entire story is that of service to others, whether in military service, a career as a Firefighter/EMT, and now as a coach and mentor to purpose driven and motivated men seeking the same.

10X    Your   Income,   Influence and   Impact.

Ready to take your life, business, and legacy to the next level?

Make 2020 your best year ever and fill out the application below. Once you do, you'll be able to schedule a call to see if you're a fit for BOLD+.

BOLD+ is not some 3 Day brewfest retreat where you try to cram so much information that by Tuesday of next week you're in the same place as when you started. 

Rather, BOLD+ is an inclusive 12 MONTH experience, including year round access to coaches and support from our incredible members to both motivate you, grow with you, and keep you accountable and actually accomplishing what you set out to do...

Still interested? Take a moment to fill our the application below and schedule your call and see if we're a fit today!


Submit your information below, and we'll review your application. Submitting does not mean you'll become a member or that you are guaranteed a one-on-one call. If we feel it's a good fit, you will receive an email with next steps to take.

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