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You will be joining 99 other men who are focused on becoming better as we gather to learn from industry experts.
Pate Smith
Pate Smith, JD is originally from Ozark, Alabama. He received his bachelors degree from the University of Alabama and Juris Doctorate from Birmingham School of Law. Since 2011, Pate has worked in personal and professional development helping individuals in goal congruence, finding the social version of themselves, dating, sales coaching, business optimization, and maximizing mental engagement in tasks that matter the most. He currently works as National Business Development Director at the country’s largest public insurance adjusting firm. 
Michael Marcial
Michael Marcial is a world traveling entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor with a passion to help others to succeed online. In the last 14 years, Michael has utilized his expertise in social media and marketing strategy to help his clients bring in almost $21M in revenue. Michael’s gift of creating profitable online businesses has also lead him to create the #1 high-end digital community focused on impact and income: The 5-Figure Workweek. He credits his features in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, TEDx, and The Today Show to his unwavering desire to spread practical insights that will move you to action.
Marc Dubois
My name is Marc “Doobz” Dubois my life is about 3 seconds. I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck acting like a noose. If the doctor had been 3 seconds later in cutting it, I’d be dead. My life looks like it was limited from the beginning, my prospects for a rich life bleak… you’d be wrong. I believe in and live my Life Above Limits. I hold 2 degrees and 3 professional licenses from 3 demanding fields. I have summitted 2 mountains. Changed careers three times. Been on the edge of life collapse and come back, and a hundred other accomplishments so far. What are 3 seconds worth? Worth living life above limits and nothing less.
Josh Westmoreland
As a former college athlete, Josh has always had an understanding of what it takes to get results. Shortly after college, Josh was married and not long after, Josh and his wife, Nikke, welcomed their daughter to the world. A new family didn't stop his desire to compete, and he found his way into mixed martial arts competition, before finding his passion for bodybuilding. Josh has not only competed, but won his class in multiple shows as well as an overall championship. One thing he has always refused to sacrifice is his commitment to his growing family. Josh has mastered the art "Finding time for Fitness", and getting great results with a chaotic schedule.
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BOLD Brotherhood
Why did Hunter create BOLD Brotherhood? 
Hunter is passionate about seeing men from all walks of life push their limits to reach new levels of success.  
Hunter "shouldn't have made it."
He came from a low income family in small town South Carolina & was #189 of 212 students when finishing high school.  His 12th grade English teacher helped him squeak by so he could fulfill his dream of serving in the US Marines.  

Now, Hunter has built companies to 6 figures, 7 figures & even Million Dollar months.  He started the largest online group in South Carolina in 2012.  All this is great but what he really loves... 

Is helping other men WIN! 

Hunter's mission is to bring thousands of men together to hold each accountable & be better men within our home, business and community! 
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  • The Rutherford in Greenville, South Carolina
  •  Lunch Provided
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  • August 9th from 8am-5pm
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Lunch Provided!
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